Faure Community Farm


Military veterans and their families help regenerating their community

Partners: Ccmvcd (Cape Corpse Military Veterans Civilian Directorate) & Stop-Reset and Go (SRG). The project is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Both organizations developed this project together with other local partners. Edhen supports the development of the project, and the preparation of a proposal for fundraising.

Vision of the Community: “We envision a future where our community members have been empowered with the skills and knowledge to create a sustainable living for themselves and their families which includes water, electricity, food and waste processing.”

Mission: “Empowering our Military Veterans and enabling our community to become self-sustainable. Eradicate hunger and poverty and foster a real sense of community. This will counter not only crime and violence against woman and children, but also lower the prevalence of drugs in the community.”


  • To create a self-sustainable village where everyone has access to all basic needs and profits can be shared with or sold to other communities.
  • Food is grown locally via regenerative agriculture. Water harvesting and treatment managed locally, and electricity generated individually for each dwelling.
  • Community waste is processed, recycled and re-used locally.
  • We endeavor to involve our community, with focus on the youth, to participate in our projects, empowering them to become self-sustainable.