We build bridges and support regenerative projects


Edhen consultants have extensive experience in supporting regenerative projects in various European and African countries. Now with the newly established Edhen network, we offer our know-how to plan and implement promising regenerative projects.

We cooperate with a wide range of public and private partners. Here we present the first collaborative projects we are already supporting. More projects are in the pipeline.

Feel free to contact us with your own project idea. If there is a potential fit between our corporate strategies and goals, we would be happy to support you.


Regenerating landscapes and improving livelihoods in the Sahel region (REGEN-SAHEL). A systemic contribution to the Great Green Wall Initiative and to control climate change.

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Regenerative Refugee Camps

Supporting refugee camps and permaculture education in Kenya and Uganda.

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Faure Community Farm

Military veterans and their families help regenerating their community.

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Community Home Garden

Small scale project, supporting the design of a mixed and productive permaculture garden.

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