Start or advance your regenerative project


Most of the proposed project ideas are cutting edge, aiming to contribute to a positive and ecological change in the world. Edhen is honored to be able to consider your excellent project idea, if we can potentially provide added value and deliver a successful project.

Our objective is to successfully plan, implement and monitor your project on time, on budget and with high quality results. Herby, plans can be adapted on the way when needed, but a well-defined project scope and a clear vision are important. Therefore, we invest time before starting a project, to first understand the client’s expectations and goals.

Based on this overall understanding, we can say whether we have what is needed to respond to the needs of the client. As we only commit to projects where we can provide added value.

For specific economic, marketing or technical needs, we generally recommend to directly contact suitable experts. As Edhen is specialized in integrated projects and systemic consulting services.

The decision, from both sides, whether there is a good fit is key for a successful project. Hence, it is important that the first meeting includes all key decision makers and stakeholders of the project.

With regard to the content of the project ideas we are receiving, our team is obliged to conduct deep diligence. This includes an evaluation of sustained regenerative impact the proposed project could achieve on the local ecosystems and livelihoods. We also investigate existing approaches to the particular local issue and the likelihood of success. Thirdly, we assess the organization and qualification of the involved team. The selection process is conducted by the Edhen team, in collaboration with partners with deeper expertise in the particular fields.

When both sides are convinced that there is a good fit, there are various ways to proceed. Basically, if the project has already sufficient funding, we can directly start with the project planning process. If not, we can support the preparation of project proposals and fundraising. These and other services are presented in the services section.

We would be happy to support the manifestation of your great ideas. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and to inquire about our individual services for your project.