“When we grow others, we grow ourselves” Jack Canfield

Edhen is a collaborative ecosystem for regenerative design & development


We would like to see thriving farms, landscapes and livelihoods across the planet. Places where people have abundant access to healthy food as well as stable social and economic systems. Where people work with nature and where enterprises create shared values.


Edhen’s core mission is to facilitate collaboration in co-developing regenerative projects, knowledge and farms. We promote collective intelligence and offer spaces for trusted knowledge-sharing, both online and in real life. Together with excellent partners we develop exciting research and development projects. As a contribution to restore the earth, increase food production and improve livelihoods.

Bringing together the best skills and know-how

Swiss Quality & African Agility

Strong partnerships, agility as well emotional and organizational resilience are key factors to succeed in today’s uncertain and fast changing world.

Edhen follows an agile development strategy, combined with a focus on service quality and customer satisfaction. Our lifetime of learning mindset, allows us to remain ahead of the curve both with regard to upcoming risks as well as opportunities. This is key for the success of our organization as well as for the quality of our services.

Edhen is a multicultural & multidisciplinary consulting start-up. Bringing together the best skills and know-how, to develop the best solutions for your context.

USP & Company Values

Why Edhen?

What makes us different? We call it holistic and science-based innovation. We deliver fresh-thinking solutions through collective intelligence and connective insights. Your advantage? Integrated services and solutions adapted to your context.

A Little Of Our Story

Team & Network

Thanks to our excellent team in Geneva and partnerships with leading experts, we tackle complex challenges efficiently. Please feel free to contact us, if you wish to partner with a growing regenerative start-up.

Team & Network