Is Edhen a good fit for you?

Our excellent partners and customers come from various fields of work. Seeking to advance leading-edge ecosystemic solutions in their field. No matter how complex your projects are, Edhen is focused on understanding, meeting & exceeding your expectations.

Co-learning and collaboration among our development partners is actively promoted. As the projects follow the same vision and often apply similar regenerative solutions.

The following customer categories should be viewed as a general indication where our services can be fruitful. They are based on our past experiences in supporting integrated projects. However, regenerative development and design can benefit many more private and non-profit customers. For example environmental organizations, architects, tech providers, green investors, city or real estate developer as well actors in social and organizational development.

Development Organizations

Development organizations benefit from Edhen’s services for every phase of their holistic development work.

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Schools & Universities

R&D institutions collaborate with Edhen to advance social and ecosystemic innovations.

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Food Companies

Mission-driven food companies consider Edhen’s services to support the regenerative development of supplying farms and to become leaders in regenerative agriculture.

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Public Agencies

Public agencies trust Edhen for her integrated services, to support farmers and to co-develop public landscapes in a participatory way.

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Ecotourism Businesses

Ecotourism providers value Edhen services, thanks to the holistic design of their regenerative and popular ecotourism paradise.

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Landowner & Farmer

Landowner are happy with design made by Edhen, due to increased quality of life and higher value of the land and related assets.

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