Consulting Team & Network



The seed for a collaborative ecosystem has been planted

You are welcome to benefit from our strong team in Geneva and international network. Edhen collaborates with world-class experts, which enhances her integrated services. We are an interdisciplinary consulting network, co-developing holistic knowledge and designing locally adapted solutions. For specific technical solutions we involve partners from our network of social innovators, engineers and architects. 

You are welcome to join the regenerative network. Our Geneva based start-up is in the development process. We are looking for more partners & associated consultants. For example technical experts in: i) GIS-based landscape – analysis/ mapping for agroforestry design; ii) Eco-Architecture, design of sustainable energy and water systems; iii) Webinar and online collaboration solutions, as well as professional film production (at the moment we are producing various videos).

You are welcome to get to know our network and to get in touch. 

If you are interested to participate in our nonprofit activities, you are welcome here: EDHEN ASSOCIATION

Consulting Team

Firesenai Sereke, PhD

Co-Founder, Director

Salome Wimmer

Social Scientist

Slim Chraiti

Multimedia Design


Finance Director

Associated Consultants

In development, you are welcome to apply

Noemi Stadler-Kaulich, PhD

Agroforestry Expert

Erick Mmbando

Agricultural Economist

Sophia Gödde

Research Assistant


Permaculture Design Expert