Why Edhen?



Edhen differentiates herself thanks to her holistic, scientific and collaborative approach


All this, combined with our competent and personal communication pathways give you peace of mind and successful projects. Your advantages:

  • Holistic coordination and management support from a single provider. Our consultants can assist your regenerative projects, from development and management to evaluation and monitoring.
  • We work in networks to tackle your complex challenges efficiently. Our multi-disciplinary teams ensure that your solutions are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.
  • We deliver a clear but agile roadmap for sustainable success. Global COVID-19 crisis, market volatility, changing regulations, and transformative technologies demand a consistent and rapid response. Thanks to our science-based and continuing learning strategy we remain ahead of the curve on the latest developments.
  • Online- coaching, consulting and collaboration based on a 100% secure Swiss Cloud. Today, we are more and more dependent on online collaboration. To protect your (and our) data, we work on an independent cloud developed and hosted exclusively in Switzerland. Hence, we can offer online meetings and exchange of documents with a high level of security and privacy.


How we work


We improve the lives of people through regenerative design while evolving personally


Edhen is a collaborative ecosystem – online and in real life. Our vision is for Edhen to become a leading collaboration platform for regenerative design & development. By building long-lasting partnerships and delivering high-quality consulting and coaching services.

Edhen’s mission and core values have an external and internal outreach. Because we care about our partners, clients and team-members and seek to deliver rewarding value to both.

Edhen sustains the highest level of quality and up-to-date consulting services. We deliver value-added  services, which leads to long-term success and sustainable working relationships with our clients and partners. This win-win strategy, generates entrepreneurial opportunities and regenerative development on various levels. 

Our small but high-performing team is based on an empowering organization design and decentralized decision-making process. We use the Sociocratic model for organizing our teams and meetings. In order to develop harmonious social environments, to advance productive teamwork and to promote innovation from all staff members. This collective process, also provides an opportunity for personal evolution. We also coach interested partners and clients, towards evolving collaboration.

Our values


We share because we care, we succeed because we care


We are dedicated to the three core permaculture ethics, plus 2 Edhen specific values. We also select our partners that embrace these values.

1. We care for people

We succeed because we care about our development partners, clients and employees. Similarly, we only support projects that benefit local communities. With special regard to the underprivileged, women and children. Caring for people and promoting respectful collaboration are the lifeblood of Edhen.

2. We care for earth

We learn from and care for nature. By mimicking natural patterns and functions we can design sustainable farms and human habitats. Edhen supports organic agriculture to produce healthy food and avoid chemical inputs. And we go further towards regenerative development, by planting trees to regenerate our landscapes.

3. We share our surplus

With regenerative design we can create abundance in many ways. Edhen follows an abundance mindset, we increase productivity and share the benefits. We not only share monetary gains, but also non-monetary assets like knowledge, or by simply taking time for each other.

4. We add value to our clients and partners

We add value to every project and assignment. This leads to trust and long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We pass on projects where we do not fit and cannot add value. We respond to client requests quickly and deliver our projects on time. We treat each project as if it’s our own.

5. We learn and build together

Edhen puts emphasis on a collaborative approach, by building trusted partnerships. We embrace diversity, work openly, respect other opinions and share responsibilities. Our lifetime of learning mindset, allows us to remain ahead of the curve on environmental and technological developments. Which provides our partners and clients with a clear roadmap for sustainable success.

Last but not least, we are passionate about personal evolution = making slightly better choices daily.