Forêt Comestible – Bois des 3 Sœurs


Community based Syntropic Food Forest Initiative in Geneva

Partners: Project developed and established by La Chouette Santé (Bilal) together with the local community. Edhen supports the further development and scaling of the promising urban agroforestry project.

Vision of the Community: The goal is to develop a thriving syntropic food forest that is fully managed and sustained by the local community. This project is centered around fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem that not only produces nutritious food but also promotes biodiversity and ecological health.

Design and development process: The development of the food forest has been a collaborative endeavor involving the active participation of local residents. To date, approximately half of the designated area has been cultivated with a variety of locally adapted fruit trees and diverse vegetable crops. Each year, the forest expands as more species are introduced, with community members working together to plant and nurture the new additions. This collective effort ensures that the food forest is deeply rooted in the community and evolves to meet its needs.

Objectives achieved (ongoing):

    • Soil Restoration: In the areas where the agroforestry systems have been established, there has been successful rehabilitation of compacted and depleted agricultural soil without the use of chemical inputs. Techniques such as the application of compost, biochar, and extensive mulching with locally sourced biomass have dramatically enhanced the soil’s structure, its ability to retain water, and its biological activity, evidenced by an increase in earthworm populations.
    • Rapid Transformation: Remarkably, these significant improvements in soil quality and ecosystem health were achieved within just two growing seasons, underscoring the effectiveness of the syntropic agroforestry practices applied.
    • Production of Organic Produce: The food forest has begun to yield a variety of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, providing a sustainable source of healthy food for the community.
    • Community Engagement: The success of this project is largely due to the diverse contributions of community members who brought their unique skills and resources to the initiative. This collaborative spirit has been essential in creating a resilient and productive food forest.
    • This initiative not only strengthens community ties but also serves as a model for sustainable agriculture and ecological stewardship. As the project continues to expand and enrich the food forest, it remains committed to nurturing both the environment and the well-being of the community.