Co-developing Climate-resilient Farms & Agroforests in Tanzania (C-FARMS)


Regenerating ecosystems, farms and livelihoods


Project developed by KAKUTE Projects (local project development/ coordination, expertise in sustainable energy and water systems) & Edhen (proposal writing, holistic project development/ coordination, fundraising, agroforestry R&D, permaculture design).


Tanzania, a vibrant East African nation, is predominantly agrarian with 75% of its population engaged in agricultural practices. Despite agriculture being the economic mainstay, the sector’s full potential remains untapped. Especially smallholder farmers are facing various challenges to increase farm productivity, food security and climate-resilience.

However, the abundant potentials of the Tanzanian landscapes should be tapped in a sustainable way. Hence, the C-FARMS project seeks to address these pressing and complex challenges, by proposing a holistic development approach. In order to demonstrate that it is possible, to increase productivity and improve livelihoods in a sustainable way.

Project Design & Objectives

The holistic approach starts with a holistic sustainability evaluation, followed by the co-development of tailored regenerative solutions that fit the unique needs of the participating farms and villages. Extensive training and monitoring activities, allow the project to go beyond short-term development aid, towards capacity building and self-sufficiency. The mission also aligns with global efforts, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to address climate change as stipulated in the Paris Agreement.