Management & Communication Services

Let’s build your strategy & projects, together


Strong partnerships, agility as well emotional and organizational resilience are key factors to succeed in today’s uncertain and fast changing world. Our co-learning mindset and scientific assessments, allow us to remain ahead of the curve both with regard to upcoming risks as well as opportunities. This allows us to identify the optimal strategy for your regenerative projects and businesses.

  • Our clients are unique and have distinct opportunities and challenges, which is why we focus first on understanding your culture and objectives.
  • This allows us to leverage our full, scalable platform of specialists to best fulfill your needs.
  • Our project and development services go beyond managing scope, schedule and budgets. Fueled by experience, expertise and passion, we deliver projects that inspire.

Project Development, Implementation and Evaluation Services

Our strategic advisors bring a broad perspective to the project life-cycle. To understand the key drivers of your food and agriculture projects, minimize risks and create shared value.

We use science-based, quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods to guide your evaluation and learning process. Assessing the impact, efficiency and sustainability as well as interlinked issues such as gender and conflict-sensitivity. We have a complete set of workflows available to guide your regenerative projects:

  • Needs assessments
  • Project development and action plans
  • Preparation of high-quality proposals
  • Building networks and partnerships
  • Fundraising
  • Implementation, backstopping and technical advice
  • Monitoring, evaluation & learning
  • Review and Reporting
  • Coaching holistic leaders and project managers

Communication & Outreach Services

Today we are facing information overload in our private and working lives. Therefore, we put attention to focus your message to the needs of the particular audience. On various channels including print, online or face-to-face. To design inspiring media for outreach, education, fundraising and publicity. Edhen delivers:

  • Targeted communication strategies.
  • Effectively designed media, reports and publications.
  • Scientific quality control of your communication materials.
  • Internal and external reports and documents.
  • Impactful deliverables that communicate your project’s challenges and successes.
  • Joint scientific publications.

Workshop & Presentation Services

Edhen consultants design and facilitate multi-stakeholder workshops. As collective intelligence can bring out the most integrated knowledge and solutions for shared objectives. We facilitate participative and productive workshops by:

  • Facilitating the communication process in a neutral and structured way.
  • Developing a fun yet serious work environment that fosters creativity, respect and motivation.
  • Supporting the group to reach its collective objectives, by co-identifying new ideas and shared solutions from the group.

Edhen consultants are available for speaking assignments

We have experiences with presentations and workshops for scientific, corporate, institutional and non-profit groups. Our outreach experiences also include international conferences, multi-stakeholder workshops as well as practical knowledge sharing to communities, local experts and schools.