Research & Development Services


Systems thinking provides a holistic framework for multidisciplinary R&D


Interdisciplinary R&D is key to explore interrelated challenges and develop regenerative solutions. Edhen contributes to systemic research and facilitates the coordination of interdisciplinary research projects. We look forward to engaging with more scientists, students and other innovators.

Development, coordination & publication services

With regard to today’s specialized world, the process of interdisciplinary R&D can be challenging. Edhen supports the development and coordination of interdisciplinary research projects. Linking various disciplines and promoting the exchange with real-world stakeholders. We can contribute to your innovative R&D activities, by supporting the:

  • Development of interdisciplinary research proposals and projects.
  • Collaboration among multi-disciplinary research partners.
  • Coordination of interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder projects.
  • Co-supervision of B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD theses.
  • Publication in international journals.

Systemic research topics

It’s key to understand the diverse relationships occurring between social, economic and ecological systems, to facilitate beneficial relationships. We look forward to contributing to integrated research topics such as:

  • Methods for effective collaboration and innovative organizational design.
  • Participatory methods and tools for holistic decision-making.
  • Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Processes (MSEPs).
  • Integrated Nexus research and modeling – balancing environmental, social and economic stewardship.
  • Social and psychological research.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research in rural development studies and eco-village design.
  • Indigenous knowledge studies (permaculture is a new term for age-old holistic principles).

Adapting to climate change & advancing regenerative land-use systems

We support R&D in co-developing regenerative land-use systems. We also test scientific innovations for optimization in farm and homestead use. We can contribute to the advancement of:

  • Agroforestry systems research.
  • Ecosystemic design for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Landscape restoration & topsoil formation.
  • Integrated water and energy systems.

New technologies for regenerative design & development

With today’s rapid technological advancements, we have increasing opportunities to develop holistic modelling and land-use planning tools. To capture a wide range of environment and management interactions. Edhen is also exploring the potential benefits of Blockchain applications and open-source decentralization for regenerative development. However, the exploration of new technologies should also consider potential risks and tradeoffs. We offer our systemic knowledge to technical R&D such as:

  • Tools for holistic sustainability evaluation and management.
  • Process-based analysis and planning of multi-species agroforestry systems.
  • GIS applications and interactive maps for landscape assessment, planing and restoration.
  • Blockchain applications to facilitate collaboration and decentralized circular economies.

Regenerative Systems Thinking

Systems thinking aims to understand the complexity of living systems, as well as the interconnected networks and patterns of its organization. Edhen follows the systems thinking approach, because evolving collaboration and holistic farm design are both dealing with living systems. Systems thinking also provides a holistic framework for cross-disciplinary R&D. In order to develop regenerative solutions, considering social and ecosystemic driving forces.

“Systems thinking is “contextual,” which is the opposite of analytical thinking. Analysis means taking something apart in order to understand it; systems thinking means putting it into the context of a larger whole.” Fritjof Capra, The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision