Evaluation, Design & Management Services

Climate-resilient whole system design


Edhen offers holistic services, thanks to her strategic partnerships with world-class experts. We facilitate the co-development of regenerative farms, agroforests, permaculture properties and eco-villages.

Edhen is well experienced in holistic farm evaluation and planning, having worked on various projects in Europe and Africa. Our holistic approach aims at a synergistic advancement of the social, ecological and economic systems. Hence, we collaborate with various partners including farmers, scientists, architects, engineers and other related experts. We also closely engage with development partners and local communities at all phases of the development process from site evaluation, master planning and design to implementation and monitoring.

Comprehensive approach to co-create
productive landscapes & thriving communities

Whole System Design

Our Evaluation, Design & Monitoring Process

  1. HOLISTIC EVALUATION is the first step to understand people and place.
  2. Followed by the holistic design and management of the AGROFORESTRY, LEADERSHIP-SOCIAL, ARCHITECTURAL & ECONOMIC SYSTEMS.
  3. Implementation, monitoring & adjustments are conducted in collaboration with our technical partners.

1) Holistic Evaluation

Holistic evaluation is the first step, to assess local knowledge, resources and expectations. Most of our work begins with a site visit or an online meeting. Then, depending on the sector and size of your project we apply various evaluation methods.

2) Development & Design

Here starts the actual design. Based on the holistic evaluation of the local context, we recommend new strategies and regenerative technologies. Some cases may need smaller targeted interventions to advance the whole system, others may require a more fundamental (re) design. Towards a balanced and synergistic advancement of the social, agroforestry, architectural & economic – systems.


We support the evolution of mindful leadership and effective collaboration. Both are key for sustainably managing regenerative farms and communities. As well as to improve the quality of life and working conditions of all family and community members.


We support the integration of trees into agricultural landscapes, in the context of achieving the SDGs and Paris Agreement commitments. To significantly increase food production, restore landscapes, address climate change & conserve biodiversity.


Together with innovative architects, we (re) design people and place specific building-landscape systems. The basic factors informing our whole system design are the local landscape characteristics. To optimize water management and solar orientation, towards sustainable water and energy supply.


Edhen is dedicated to support the economic and social development of family-farms, businesses and cooperatives. Following a circular economy approach we support the development of profitable businesses with a strong social and environmental purpose.


IMPLEMENTATION: When the regenerative development strategy and design are ready, there are three options for implementation:

  • Implementation by technical experts from the Edhen network, together with qualified local staff.
  • Your team and/ or partners have the technical skills to implement the co-developed solutions.
  • A mix of both, your team will be trained and conducts the implementation, with regular backstopping by Edhen experts.

MONITORING, LEARNING & ADJUSTMENT: The establishment of complex living ecosystems require close observation and adjustments, until the ecosystem takes care of itself. Edhen recommends regular and holistic monitoring, to timely respond to environmental, social and economic feedback. For international projects, we commonly provide the required observation methods, as regular monitoring visits are not always possible.