Education & Training Services


Education is vital to inspire people and to open new possibilities. Edhen offers lectures and workshops for a diverse range of events and organizations, in collaboration with leading experts.


Our Services for schools and universities

Edhen and partners have extensive experience in lecturing at universities in Europe and Africa. We enjoy co-teaching with innovative colleagues and working with motivated students. Concerning thesis co-supervision, please contact
us to discuss your ideas and receive our current offers. Our services for schools and universities include:

  • Thesis co-supervision for B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD students.
  • Organization and facilitation of workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Organization of field trips, study tours and summer schools.
  • Capacity building and training-of-trainers (ToT).

Our co-learning approach

We combine academic and practical learning to achieve enriched curricula that adds value to your education objectives. We also promote the learning from local people, to develop people and place specific solutions. And to mimic natural patterns and functions it’s fundamental to first understand the local ecosystems.

Workshops developed by Edhen and partners are attended by inspiring individuals, working towards ecological and livelihood solutions. They are motivated to learn soft and hard skills, to develop high performance farm, home and community resource systems. To enhance the resiliency of existing ecological, economic and social systems.

Hosting a workshop at your farm or research site

Why not hosting a regenerative workshop at your site? Hosting a course can bring a multitude of benefits, and it’s a two-way learning experience. Depending on the resources of the participants, the “payments” can be arranged in financial terms or through hands-on help.

Interesting links

The UK Permaculture Association provides an international list of permaculture design workshops. The Swiss permaculture association has a list for courses in Switzerland.