Evaluation, Design & Management Services




Together with innovative architects, we (re) design people and place specific building-landscape systems. The basic factors informing our whole system design are the local landscape characteristics. To optimize water management and solar orientation, towards sustainable water and energy supply.


Sustainable architecture is part of permaculture design. More so, when the integrated design includes organic gardens, farms and homesteads (building-landscape systems). Sustainable architecture is also part of our holistic design approach. The implementation of the identified technologies are conducted by specialized experts from our expert network.

When it comes to the full design of new farms and homesteads, we work with leading architects specialized in ecological building. They use natural, locally available materials and climate responsive structures that fit in the natural landscape. The designed buildings and gardens, advance mutually beneficial relationships with the elements of the surrounding ecology. The design process also includes socio-cultural considerations to cultivate communities. 

  • Water Harvesting and storage via ponds, swales, roof catchment and rainwater tanks
  • Greywater recycling and reuse for irrigation
  • Renewable energy solutions, e.g. solar or biogas
  • Solar cookers and dryers
  • Sustainable WASH solutions, e.g. compost toilets
  • Ecological Building, in collaboration with specialized architects

Example: Best practice permaculture property (the world needs more of these types of human habitats)