Evaluation, Design & Management Services




“When a decision is made to cope with the symptoms of a problem, it is generally assumed that the corrective measures will solve the problem itself. They seldom do.” MASANOBU FUKUOKA

Holistic evaluation is the first step of Edhen projects, to assess and integrate the client’s knowledge, resources and expectations. Most of our work begins with a site visit or an online meeting. After the kick-off meeting, we co-identify the most suitable evaluation methods.

We use a systems‑thinking approach to manage complex systems, including a mix of evaluation and coaching. The regenerative development process takes place in close collaboration with the leader(s) of the farm, project or business. However, we encourage to include all key persons. Our objective is to facilitate the start of a holistic decision-making process, as well as integrated planning and monitoring procedures.

For the agroecological farm planning process, we use more technical tools and methods. The landscape analytics and GIS-maps are prepared by our specialized partners. More innovation and research is needed, to evaluate and manage complex living systems (see also R&D). 

Depending on the goals and size of your project, we offer various evaluation services:

  • Development of integrated development strategies, by exploring the overall vision and goals and co-developing targeted implementation plans. For example, using the Holistic Management Framework (HMF).
  • Holistic sustainability assessments and audits of individual or group of farms. Using tools like RISE (Response Inducing Sustainability Evaluation).
  • Holistic assessments of farms, homesteads and ecovillages using permaculture guidelines.
  • GIS based landscape and watershed analytics and maps, in collaboration with leading experts. For example using tools from the Regrarians Platform.
  • Participatory community mapping, with cartographic visualization of the social and ecological context, together with local experts & communities.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of projects and businesses in the international cooperation and food sectors.

Holistic Evaluation for Regenerative Design & Development
Linking scientific observations with practical design
To create whole systems solutions based on social and ecological principals