Evaluation, Design & Management Services




We support the development of profitable farms and businesses with a strong social and environmental purpose

Farmers are holistic innovators by nature, and have been adapting to their environment for centuries. Hence, it’s important for any kind of project to collaborate with farmers in advancing agroecological, technical and social innovations. And to support farmers increasing the productivity and profitability of their farming enterprise. Support is particularly needed for small-scale family farms.

Edhen is dedicated to support the holistic development of family-farms, businesses and communities. The economic dimension is integral part of our whole system design. We support our clients and development partners grow their revenues in an inclusive and locally self-reliant way.

We also consult and partner with mission-driven food companies and B Corporations, who wish to support the regenerative development of supplying farms. As the sustainability of a food system begins with the wellbeing of farmers and the conservation of natural resources.

By working together we can advance business for good – towards a bio-regional circular economy.

Our economic services include the support of:

  • Growing the relationship between regenerative producers and food processors
  • Processing, launching new products and marketing
  • Ecological farming cooperatives and associations
  • Effective publicity, e.g. through case studies and innovative storytelling
  • Regenerative business start-ups
  • Fundraising, e.g. investment crowdfunding