Firesenai Sereke, PhD

Director, Co-Founder
E-Mail: firesenai(at)

Mission Statement

Facilitating interdisciplinary and multicultural collaboration to restore landscapes and improve lives.

Core competencies

Firesenai is a collaborative systems thinker. He combines interpersonal and technical skills, to facilitate collaboration across borders & disciplines. In order to co-develop integrated solutions, within the food-water-energy-ecosystem nexus.

He has more than 15 years of experience in systemic R&D, consulting & international development cooperation. As well as in higher education and co-supervising BSc/ MSc theses. He worked at leading R&D institutions such as Agroscope, HAFL and ETH-Zurich.

He follows a lifetime of learning mindset, building on the following qualifications: MSc in organic agriculture (University of Hohenheim); PhD in ecosystem management (ETH-Zurich), thesis title: “Transdisciplinary Design of Agroforestry Systems”; and PDC in permaculture design (Atitlan Organics). He is grateful for having attended courses with leading experts such as Ernst Götsch and Darren Doherty. He has also certifications in holistic leadership and organization design.

Field experience

Central Europe, North-Africa, West-Africa & East-Africa

Working Languages

Tigrinya, German, English, French