Technical Director of the Mollesnejta Experimental Site – Institute of Andean Agroforestry

E-Mail: nstadlerkaulich(at)

Mission Statement

My concern is fertile, living soil for a future that will also allow future generations to live well. 

Core competencies

Noemi is a team player with a special talent for getting everyone involved to pull together in an intercultural context. This is how very special projects can be implemented.

After studying International Agricultural Economics at the University of Kassel/Witzenhausen and later earning a doctorate in education, she has dedicated herself to international projects in sustainable rural development. Noemi has a total of forty years of experience in development cooperation and has been working in the field of agroforestry for 20 years.

Her agroforestry knowledge is based on 16 hectares of research and demonstration area in the valley of Cochabamba, where she researches the potential of agroforestry systems under (semi-)arid conditions with students from all over the world and passes on the results to interested farmers and smallholders. Together with the NGO Naturefund e.V./Wiesbaden, she offers apprenticeship as an agroforestry trainer. Including learning topics such as: rural development, agroforestry, dynamic agroforestry, soil restoration, water management, management of water catchment area, holistic gracing and gender aspects.

New book in preparation:

Field experience

Latin America, Africa, Europe


German, Spanish, French, English, Quechua