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How to advance collaboration & holistically manage regenerative farms?


We support innovative farm organization to evolve leadership, collaboration and improvement of family farmers’ well-being.

Like in every other enterprise or organization, mindful leadership and successful collaboration are key for successfully managing regenerative farms and communities. And to improve the quality of life and working conditions of all family and staff members.

Together with the farm leadership, we first identify the challenges and opportunities of the current socio-economic system (see also Evaluation services). In order to explore measures on how to advance the management and collaboration processes.

We apply various methods, with a focus on the Holistic Management Framework. A systems‑thinking approach designed to manage complex systems and to manage land and people more sustainably. The framework facilitates a holistic decision-making process as well as integrated planning and monitoring procedures.

Regarding general challenges within the collaboration process, such as conducting effective meetings or coordination of teams, we apply suitable tools and patterns from Sociocracy 3.0. See also our collaboration services related to managing projects.

Edhen facilitates this co-development process in a structured way, including:

  • Development of a shared vision and goals
  • Development and management of key performance indicators
  • Alignment of governance decisions with the overall vision and strategy
  • Design of an effective consensus-based governance culture
  • Facilitation of good internal and external collaboration
  • Facilitation of participatory but effective meetings
  • Analysis of core conflicts and identification of transformation processes
  • Improvement of the quality of life and working conditions of all staff members
  • Holistic risk management

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Savory, A., Butterfield, J., Bingham, S. (2019) Holistic Management Handbook: Regenerating Your Land and Growing Your Profits